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Affordable web design services for your online business

Review of different affordable web design services

Commencing any business needs an initial investment. You won’t just spontaneously get customers and begin making money as soon as you open a new business. Of all the 100 things you need to do one of them is getting a website for your business. Most small businesses cannot afford a high-end site and are looking for affordable web design services that can provide a simple yet effective website.

Small business owners often when setting up the business plan forget to factor in the cost of online presence. While you may think that website is just a luxury, but it’s not.

Companies that have outgrown their competitors, their secret ingredient has been an investment in their website and outsmart the competitor through online marketing.

Most small businesses are worried about the fact that building a website will cost a fortune. Honestly, the cost can vary from $200-$200,000 +. If someone is giving you a quotation without knowing your requirements you should expect a standard website? Depending on what functions you want to add, you can expect additional cost.

If you are low on a budget, you can start with a standard 5-page website, for which you will find lots of affordable web design services. Make sure you do not neglect the power of having a blog.

The three affordable website design and development alternatives:

1. DIY website

There are a lot of DIY platforms that will charge you a monthly retainer for the site. They have lots of readymade template; you can pick one from them and start modifying the website to your taste. Their monthly fees will include domain name and host, so you are all set over there.

The invisible cost.

Even though most are very transparent with the pricing, I thought its better for me to explain you the maths again.

If you are a business planning to accept payments online, you will see an additional charge every time your clients pays online. I will give you an example of affordable DIY providers along with their payment model.

a. Shopify:

Shopify is one of the go-to DIY platforms if you are looking to build a robust e-commerce website. If you cannot afford the upfront fees that a web designing agency will charge this is one of the solutions.

Price: There are three plans.
Basic Shopify is $29/mo
Shopify is $79/mo
Advanced Shopify is $299/mo

If you are using any other payment platform other than theirs, it will charge you (depending on the plan) 2.0%, 1.0% & 0.5%.

Let’s say you are a Basic Shopify customer you are doing a monthly revenue of 5,000 from your online store; you are looking at following charges.

$29 monthly fee
$100 payment processing fee ($5000*2.0%)

So you are going to pay $129 fees.

b. Weebly

Unlike Shopify, Weebly is a DIY for business and e-commerce website. It is popular and starts with a low fee of $8. It also has a free option but is not recommend for business owners. The free one will not have your domain, but something like and the website will display their ads.

Price: There are four options
Free (Basic Use): $0.00/mo
Starter (Personal Use): $8.00/mo
Pro (Groups & Organizations): $12.00/mo
Business (Small Businesses & Stores): $25.00/mo
Performance (Power Sellers): $38.00/mo

Their transaction fee for Starter and the Pro plan is 3%

So if you choose the $8.00 starter fee and your monthly sales are of $5,000, you will pay

$8.00 monthly fees
$150 transaction fees

End of the month you will pay $158 a month.

There are lots of options out there with similar pricing models such as Squarespace, Wix and many more.

The most significant drawbacks of the DIY website platforms are:

1) Missed conversion opportunities:

Do it yourself which is an advantage but a disadvantage too. Unless you are opening a web design agency, it doesn’t make sense. Unless you are professional with experience in designing the website, you will not know the best practices, design aesthetics and so much of knowledge that goes into building a site.

You probably will miss many opportunities that could have made your website more conversion oriented. It will cost your business more than it would have for you to build the site.

2) If you quit their subscription you will lose your website:

These DIY websites no doubt sounds cheap alternative at least to the naked eyes however if you look at the overall perspective it is not.

Once you decide to discontinue their services, your website is gone. You will have the ownership of the domain name but the site you invested time in the building will be gone.

3) You invest your time. Your time is money.

Either you hire a professional, or you create your website. The latter may seem like an affordable option for most but let’s factor in few things.

If you do not know about web design services or programming, developing your site can take much longer than it will be for a trained designer. You should spend time on the different aspects required for beginning a company. You need to set a budget, create a business plan, perfect your craft, and maybe get investors. There is no time for learning web design in that plan.

Because of creating a website you are focusing on a task that will not give you immediate income. It will probably take you more time than a professional would.

You also need to factor in your charge per hour to know the actual cost. It should include the research you would do for making a website, the best practice, making your website SEO optimized.

2. Hire your own web designer team

Having a web designing team in-house might sound like a lucrative idea but if until you have a project that will take a really long time it won’t be a good idea.

Once the project is over, you will need to let them go off which doesn’t sound right, too.

3. Web Designing Company

There is a lot of excellent web designing company onshore and offshore. The onshore companies will be more expensive compared to the overseas. If you are looking for really affordable web design services, then you want to stick with the offshore web design and development agencies.

The bill for the same website that you will design from offshore will differ cost about 4x less than that of onshore. You have to be careful about choosing the right web designing company and in your case you need someone who has experience working with small business owners.

Unlike the DIY options above this will have an upfront cost but the website will be more tailored to your need.

What should you look for in a web designer?

Once you have made sure that your time is better used elsewhere and are hiring experts to build your site is the best opportunity for you, select your web design services carefully.

Ask for referrals or the portfolio. After evaluating earlier work, take time to ask the appropriate questions.

Will you have enough time to look after and make changes your website?
What type of system do they build sites?
Do they incorporate SEO into the build and use responsive web design?
Is the work done in-house or is it outsourced?

While there are no wrong or right to most of these issues, it will help you to determine if the agency is something you want to work with. Take a little extra time to examine your options, and it will save you the hassle and the money down the road.

Choosing an affordable web design specialist

Freelancer or agency? While you may get more extras and services from an agency, they will presumably be the most valuable route. For a less expensive option, you can instead hire a contractor or freelancer.

A personal web designer will not have as many overheads and can usually charge lower prices; but, contractors may lack proper, valuable and training experience.

You want specialists with experience and not just a college-going kid.

The reason we say that is because you will need after sales support. The after sales support is something only an agency can provide because it is their core business.

Difference between a freelancer and an agency is the accountability factor. Between web design agency and a web design freelancer, the former is more accountable.

A freelancer may decide to quit the job and change career path, but with the agency, it’s not the case.

After weighing in the pros-cons of both, freelancers and agencies, an excellent solution for a business looking to start an online presence may be one that combines the best of both worlds.

One of the most significant examples of this is Crazy Media Design Web Design Services. It was designed to give smaller business entrepreneurs and owners an affordable web design services choice with all the advantages of hiring a qualified and seasoned professional.

With our web design service, you get a group of content, development and design experts at an affordable rate.

Depending on your functionality budget and needs, you can select one of three choices all of which will give you with a strategically designed site tailored to your business.

If you want to incorporate SEO or grow on WordPress, so you have access to seasoned plugins, and a combined blog, Crazy Media Design’s expert web designers, can perform those services. Each site also incorporates the resulting additional perks.

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