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Do you really need a website?

It’s not what you want, it’s what your customers expect.

Your customers expect the business that they deal with to have an online presence. Imagine yourself would you work with a business that has a website or the ones that don’t. It becomes more true if you are a new business or the client has never dealt with you in the past.


Improve your conversion with real proof


More than eight five percent of consumers will tell you that the reason they chose was because of the online review. Yelp, Foursquare and other sites can host reviews but you do not have control over the content and you may become a victim of fake reviews. Having a website where you can put your customers review (video or text), videos of your after and before work, etc can be the winner for you.


Stop your competitors from stealing your business


Google Rankings: More than eighty percent of the consumers perform online research before making a decision. Your potential clients don’t know if you have a website, they are more likely to search on Google with your brand name. But, because you do not have a website Google will show your direct competitors website which means your competitor is stealing your opportunity.


Saves a lot of time and money


Have you ever calculated the amount of time you spend on explaining and justifying why they should work with you. Let’s do a simple math, if you charge $50 per hour and you spend two 2 hours everyday doing the same thing (explaining and showing your past work), you have literally spent $36,500 on nothing 


The smart way is to create a dedicated page that you can direct them to learn more about your services and see the videos and images as a proof of your previous work. You are literally automating that process and warming up leads into a potential buyer.


Get a Website now


What does a professional website from Crazy Media Design offer your business?

We will build a five page website that will consist of :

1. ) Home..

2.) About us

3.) Services

4.) Portfolio

5.) Contact Us

FREE Goodies!  To cover all the other “Expense” for a professional website



Mobile Friendly

 An intelligent website that detects the screen size of the device accessing it and automatically resizes it for the best experience of the viewer. You can be assured that your website will look great no matter phone or desktop.

Easy to Manage

 Your website is built on WordPress which empowers more than 70% of the website. It is easy to update content with our guide and support team.

Social Media

 We integrate all your social media profile (facebook, twitter, GMB, etc). 


 We will create your Google Analytics and Google Search Console account so that you analyze your websites’ vital stats to understand how your website visitor is engaging with your content.

 With your website here are a few of the things you are getting absolutely free

 Free hosting for one year ($200 value)

 We are providing you with free hosting for one year absolutely free. We will pay out of our pocket for the hosting.

 Free 3 email addresses($180 value)

 Three email addresses of your choice, on our server, with your @domain identity so that you look professional. 

 Free SSL Certificate($60 value)

 Search Engines trust website with SSL certificate. We are giving it to you absolutely free.

 Content Writing ($500 Value)

 Our inhouse writers will write the content for you so that you do not have go through the hassle of writing website for you for all of the five pages we will create for you.


We are running out of space

The total investment for a beautiful custom website is $800. Your initial investment is $200 and then you can pay the remaining in 12 months ($50 per month). You are paying less than a cup of coffee for your website


This Is Truly A Limited Offer,

So Claim Your FREE Website Now Before They’re All Gone


 Our Process

So where do we go from here

We have three step designing process

Stage I (Initial investment of $100 is mandatory)

We will first design a sample website for you. It will take us 2 days to design a site for you. In this phase we will be working on the homepage of your website. This stage is focused on learning about your choice of color, fonts and layouts. Our team will work with you and help you with a decision making process. We will make unlimited revisions until you are happy with the design. 



Stage II (Investment of $100 is mandatory)

Once you approve of the design we move on to the stage II

In stage II our designing team will work on completing your website with all the content (images and professionally written content). We will incorporate any additional content that you will give to us. 

We will then book a session with you and make changes live on your website based on your feedback. We will do unlimited revisions until approved by you.



Stage III

Once your website is completed and approved we will make the website live for you so that the world can see it. You can actively start promoting your website in your business card, FB pages, or wherever you want. 


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 Time Is Of The Essence…

Whats Next

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