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What is a SEO Services?

Do you know more than 63,000 searches are happening on Google every second? Everyone, including you, use search engines to look up for a service or product and probably end up buying from one of the businesses whose website you have visited. This is the power of the search engine and the benefit of ranking on it.

SEO services help rank your website on search engines. It improves the visibility of keywords your customers are typing to find businesses just like you. Companies that are using SEO as a marketing strategy see a return of 200-300%.

SEO services can help your business rank on Google and other search engines flooding your sales funnel with warm leads. SEO is the best and lowest-cost way of generating leads and customer acquisition.

A professional SEO agency researches on your ideal client’s need, the motivation that leads to purchase and identify low hanging fruits for your website to quickly rank and show on the first page of the search result.

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Can SEO service grow your business?

There are a lot of case studies proving companies who were smart to realize the immense benefit of SEO and implement it as a strategy exceeded their expectation.

Millions of search happen every day on Google. People use search engines to find advice, learn new information, compare products, and search for a business. Search engine users trust companies who rank on top pages, which makes it easy for those companies to win customers easily. It is why there is a race to rank on results for the targeted keywords which have high buying intent.

One of the most renowned case studies is that of River Pools and Spas. It now is one of the nation’s largest in-ground pool construction company. River Pools and Spas was spending in six figures on the traditional advertisement to generate leads. The company was struggling. It had the real possibility of closing down and filing bankruptcy.

As the price of traditional advertisement was high with a meager return, Marcus Sheridon, the owner of the company, was looking for an alternative. He shifted to Pay Per Click campaign. After a few months, he realized that the PPC comparatively had a way better ROI; however, he still was looking to bring down the cost of customer acquisition. Ranking higher on search engine helped him achieved his goals.

A survey indicates that the average cost of customer acquisition is $373, while with blogs, the average is $143.

Some of the reasons why we should consider SEO services:

Leads for free when you rank 

SEO starts with identifying keywords that matter. It is about identifying opportunities that can bring traffic and convert. When you look for information online, Google shows relevant ads and websites it thinks is appropriate. In the case of ads, the advertiser will spend money every time someone clicks on their ads while sites which have ranked on top for those keywords get all the clicks for free.

The advertiser will stop getting leads as soon as they stop giving ads while ranked websites will get unlimited leads for nothing.

Studies show that sites on the first position get 33% clicks on an average while the second receives 15%.

Higher conversion rate

Higher conversion: Not every page ranks in the first position. The page with high-quality content which is informative and provides value to the reader are the ones that rank high and will stay there. People visiting your page will trust you more because of the quality content and is likely to buy from you.

Every business should use SEO service. It may not seem like a viable option in the short run as you want leads quickly. In the long-term, you are creating a funnel that will always be full with qualified leads. You should allocate at least 10% of your revenue on SEO.

Local SEO Results

Want to rank your website on #1?

How soon can you Rank on Search Engine?

If you are planning to hire an SEO agency for the SEO service, you have to be careful. A lot of agencies will tell you that they will rank you within a month or two however that’s untrue.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Depending on the competition, that is, how many websites are competing against each other for ranking for the keyword; the time will vary. You should also remember that it’s not only you, but your competitors are also running an SEO campaign. We have seen sites rank within the first three months for a few of the keywords, but for others, it took a while.

You should look at a minimum of six months to start ranking on search engines. You should consider the budget, too. Ranking on the search engine needs the team to work on different aspects of on-page and off-page optimization of your website. The higher your budget is, the more resources will be allocated to your project by an SEO agency; as a result, it reduces the time to rank your website.

So the bottom line is yes, SEO services can outgrow your business; however, you need to keep in mind, it takes time. But patience pays and in case of SEO it will pay by 3x and above.

What does our SEO Process look like?

Our SEO services are designed to deliver results. Our SEO service package is custom based on the niche. Why? Because the competitiveness is less or more depending upon the niche. A competitive niche will require more effort to gain traction while a non-competitive niche may achieve ranking with a little effort. However, there are certain aspects which are uniform. We give you a sneak peek into our SEO process:

Competitiveness Analysis

Our team dives deep into your industry. We research on who are you against, that is, your competitors. Our research team compiles data to find out how fierce is the competition. It also gives us a pretty good idea of how long will it take to rank your website and what kind of resource will be needed. It helps us set a realistic expectation.

We check on the SEO strategy of your competitors and what they are doing to drive targeted traffic to their website.

Keyword Research

After analyzing your competitors, we then start with keyword research. Our goal over here is to discover low hanging fruits. The idea is to find keywords that your website can quickly rank for a while, we work on the other tough ones. We want you to see ROI asap. Our keyword research also includes identifying terms top sales-driving search terms in your niche.

Website Audit

Once we have uncovered your competitor’s strategy and the keywords that will bring more sales to you, we then turn our focus on your website. Our website audit is part of on-page optimization. In our website audit process, we look at the current title tags, meta tags, page title, alt attributes, and more. Other points that we check page speed, URL structure, navigation structure, and the backlinks.

We check for the missing opportunities that can be quickly implemented on your website. During this process, we install Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and more on your website, which helps both of us understand what’s really going on with your site. It allows monitoring the overall progress of your SEO campaign.

We also check if your website is responsive across all devices. As the number of people who are using various devices such as desktop, smartphones, and tablets is increasing, it is essential that all of them have a consistent experience.

Content Creation

The content is what makes your website rank up on search results. It is the content which makes people come to your website, stay, and decide if they should do business with you. Its another crucial factor to the overall SEO campaign.

Based on the keywords we have discovered, we create a content strategy. It means we decide on the kind of content that should be crafted for your website. The content includes those keywords to rank the site for on Google. The keywords are sprinkled on to various blog posts, service pages, resource/guides, etc. we create to bring traffic.

Link Building

Links from high authority site coming to your website makes search engines comfortable with you. Backlinks have a direct influence on how much trust do search engines have.

Our team identifies various online resources where a backlink can boost your rankings and bring traffic from those sources. We then create an outreach program to reach out to the site owners and earn a backlink from them.

How to choose an SEO Agency?

Well, all of the SEO companies are self-proclaimed experts with knowing the secret sauce on ranking your website, but many are just scams. There are companies who have been in business for a while, and there are some who are new. The one with more experience is ex, but the new ones are hungry for more business and will be affordable. So if you are planning to hire an SEO agency these are some of the good points to start from:

1) They rank on top: An SEO company that is not ranking for their targeted search engines will not do an excellent job at ranking yours. If they are struggling to be on top of the ranking, they will struggle with yours, too. Remember, a new company will not have much proof to show their expertise, but the only way is if they are ranking.

2) Reviews and Testimonials: This is an obvious telltale sign. A company with a lot of positive testimonials and review are the ones you can trust upon.

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