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Best paid email service of 2020


Review of the best paid email service

Choosing the best paid email service provider can be a tough choice because of so many options available in the market. We have carefully chosen six of the best providers and share with you an unbiased review.

Email is one of the most used forms of communication after the phone. It is an identification of an individual, required by almost any and every platform (social media, etc.) and service to prove that you are an authentic user with a more or less genuine intention.

In a world full of endless options, more than often it gets confusing. Among the email options given to you by the email service providers, you might get stuck between professional or personal.
If you are not an email geek, there are certainly some important aspects that you are bound to ignore. If you want your venture to be taken seriously, a business mail is a “must-have”.

In this article, we will be recommending paid email services for users biased to business purpose looking for a professional solution for email communication.

1. Gmail from G suite
Pricing: $6 per user per month

Gmail is the answer from Google to its email competitors. A niche, once dominated by Yahoo Mail and the Hotmail, is now ruled by Gmail.

It has around 67% of the market share. It seems to be much more intelligent than its predecessors. The simple process of categorizing emails with the tabs (Primary, Social, and Promotion) is out of the box and a helpful feature, eliminating the need to go through all of them to find out which ones are important.

Spam filter, when compared to other email solutions, ranks as one of the top choices.

G-Suite also gives you a professional look as you get a business web address that has your company’s name in it. The format of the email can then be something like “” or “”.

The G-Suite Basic edition gives you 30GB of virtual storage per user. Which you can upgrade to the Business, Enterprise, or Team edition. They have 24/7 support and are one of the best with excellent security options.

2. Yahoo
Pricing: starts at $1.59 per mailbox per month

Yahoo mail once dominated the niche but seems to have been falling behind in the race. Yahoo is still in the game and has been working on its feature to gain back some of its lost charms.
No doubt that Yahoo has been in the game since the early days and sure has a lot of knowledge and experience to deal with the threats and a massive database to filter spam.

It is important to note that the company had two massive data breaches affecting more than a billion users. It made Yahoo lose $350 million of its asking price of $4.5 billion.
Yahoo mail for business offers you 1TB of free space and also can add contacts from Facebook and other email service providers.

3. Zoho mail
Pricing: starts at $1 per user per month

Zoho mail from Zoho corporation, based in India is another preferred name in the field of business emails. Its most unique and important feature is that it links the features of social media with email messaging platforms and hence creating a new and interactive platform that allows users to glide smoothly as they send their business emails.

Mailing process is simplified and so is sharing business folders and email threads by simply tagging the receivers, it also has ample space of 20GB on the minimum end and up to 1TB on the max.
It offers you more than just mailing with features such as Calendar for events, tasks, notes, contacts, etc.

Zoho has the best-suited design for collaborations, and you can easily assign tasks to your subordinates in the familiar interface of social media. There are multilevel folders and automated filters that categorize emails based on their labels.

The nested tree format also is useful in showing how the conversations unraveled. Though Zoho collects your messages from other accounts so you can view them in one place, it still cannot import contacts from your social media.

Despite being newer in the field, Zoho has managed to be a tough competitor for other older and much-experienced email service providers.

4.Office 365 Business essentials
Pricing: $4 per user per month

Microsoft Outlook was first released as part of Office 97 and has worked its way through several different versions, continually adding and improving its features.

The outlook was a component of Microsoft Office 97 which combined e-mail, contacts and calendaring with documents; proving that it is more than just an e-mail. With each new version, it has improved the security and functionality too.

Outlook mail provided by Office 365 Business essentials is another good option that offers business-class email, with its interface very similar to outlook and outlook express, it will not take you much to learn about the setup and manage it.

On the design aspect, it gives options for different themes that suit you.

Though the subscription for starting package (small business) gives you no office apps, Microsoft is constantly making useful tweaks even if some new features seem feeble. Overall, this option is quite reasonable to give your business a professional touch.

5. Rackspace webmail
pricing: $2.99 user per month

Rackspace Webmail is one of the cheapest options available at an easily affordable starting price. Rackspace is Easy to use and very simple yet capable of handling any business email.

Emails are accessible to the clients anywhere anytime, with any web browser. With the data stored in the Cloud, it is easy to collaborate as there is a shared calendar, contacts and chat along with tasks, and notes, making work quickly and efficiently with their co-workers and it syncs with your mobile app.

On starting package customers receive 25GB mailboxes, 50MB attachments, and the package can be upgraded to enterprise-level 100GB mailboxes, 50MB attachments email forwarding, unlimited aliases and group lists, easy recovery, and auto-setup tools.

They offer you 14 days of a free trial. This option is most suited for minor scale businesses due to its affordability that comes along with quality service.

6. Amazon Workmail
pricing: $4 per user per month

Amazon has established itself as the world’s largest online retailer and cloud service provider. The company initiated as a bookseller, but now it sells a wide range of consumer goods and digital products too. Amazon Workmail is a unit of Amazon Inc.

Amazon WorkMail freed itself from preview mode in 2016 offering Email and calendar that can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook. It is accessible via a web browser and multiple platforms.
Amazon WorkMail claims strong security with cost as low as 4 $ per user per month which gives 50GB storage and a 30-day trial of Amazon WorkMail accepting up to 25 users.

WorkMail, users get the option of deciding which local server you would like for your data storage. Don’t expect AWS WorkMail to be radical. It is essentially just another email service that is quite like the services you used before.

It is easy to set up and use, because of the basic functionality and design.

When choosing the email service provider for your business you will need to carefully understand your requirement and then choose the one that best suits your needs.

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