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The Importance of Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most significant yet often overlooked elements of SEO. Why is it important and what exactly is it? The process of finding out the right keywords for your blog or website is known as keyword research.

Without keyword research you might not know what “words” people are typing in their search bars, or might be selecting complicated words that nobody else is looking for, or you might be targeting a word that is very difficult to get. In other words, if you do not understand the concept of keyword research, you might be targeting the wrong keyword.

Let’s take an example here, from many years Racheal tried to target a keyword “websites for writers” on her blog. She recently learned about keyword research and did a Google search for “websites for writers” and what did she find?

The result on Google did not give her the websites of web designers but the website that writers used for their writing work which was not what her website did at all.

So here, Google thought that the phrase, “websites for writers” was not related to web designers for writers but tools for writers, so that is the sort of outcome/result Racheal saw, which accurately explains why she was not breaking into the Google rank.

Her website did not fit what Google thinks users were typing that users are searching for. After having done proper keyword research, she discovered that a suitable search phrase for that webpage was “author website design”. So, this is why keyword research is that important!

Paid and Free Tools for Keyword Research

If you are researching keywords, the truth is, you will require tools. Even though there are a lot of options available, we are presenting you a few that have worked for us.

MOZ – Moz is one of the tools that I really like and use every day. In addition to the keyword tool, it has plenty of fabulous feature, and it is not free. It is $99 a month for the basic program.

• KWfinder – You are free to use this tool for up to 5 keywords searched per day without payment. However, if you are learning to optimize your own site, this can be a good choice for you. The basic plan will cost you a monthly fee of $29.

• SpyFu– This one I have not used personally but heard good things about from other office staff. The basic plan is $33 a month.

• SEMrush – Packed with incredible features, SEMrush is another premium SEO tool which is not one of the cheapest either. Starting at $99.95 per month.

• Google AdWords Keyword Planner – Google has a lot of data, so it is better if you utilize the AdWords keyword planner. It is a free and great way to learn keyword research. Nevertheless, the AdWords interface is not for the someone who is not patient in their learning process as it takes some time to learn. You would need an account for AdWords to use it, but it is free.

Now that we’ve talked about tools let’s look at what one has to look for when doing keyword research. A friend of mine got extremely frustrated while attempting keyword research.

In his search, he found a keyword that he thought was ideal and started using it only to know that it was not gripping. What was the problem there, you’d ask? The keyword was super unattainable. So how to identify a keyword that is attainable for your website?

Monthly Search Volume

Monthly search volume is the result of how many people are actually typing in your keyword in the google search bar on a monthly basis. I received frequent emails from someone who was upset that he did not rank for a specific keyword, but while I researched that keyword, I discovered that there was meager search volume for it.

There is no ROI if nobody is searching for that term. Why waste your time optimizing for a word that fewer people are searching for when you can do keyword research and choose a keyword that people actually search for?

On the contrary, if one selects a keyword that has a lot of monthly search volume, you are racing into something that is also likely to be unattainable. If your website is new and small, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to rank for a volume keyword phrase that has high search result.


Keyword difficulty is how difficult is it going to be to rank for a particular keyword? That is something you want to consider before choosing the right keyword. It does not mean that you can rank for every keyword that appears to be perfect.

The more complicated a keyword is, the less likely it is for you to rank for it. Rather, start looking for a similar but less complicated keyword. For instance, I would love to be on webpage one for the keyword “web design,” but it is reasonably unattainable for a website as small as ours. However, another similar term, “web design services” can be a great keyword that will get a good amount of traffic but is not as complicated.


This is very important for keyword research. Do the present Google search outcomes show sites similar to yours? This takes us back to our example, Racheal attempting to rank for “websites for writers” while Google indicated that those keywords were not at all relevant for web designers.

Remember always to carry out a Google search and look at what Google thinks users are looking for your particular keywords. If the google search result shows that you are not related to what you suggest, you might want to rethink how fitting your keyword is.

So what really does happen after you select your keywords? Is the work done? Well, SEO is never done as its rules changes time and again. Nevertheless, SEO is not a race, it is a marathon.

You cannot be contented with the keyword you chose and then never check back at them. You need to keep researching for the right keyword. What someone searched for five years ago may not be what someone is searching for today.

Keyword research does take a lot of time and effort, but the outcome is much better if you do it effectively. Keyword research done half-heartedly will get you no or poor result.

A web design company that offers SEO will understand how to efficiently implement keyword research for your target audience to get you the best outcomes. My advice to you is be realistic, be thorough, and know how to implement your keywords and you will find that the payoff is definitely worth the time in your investment.

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