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10 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

So why is employee satisfaction important? The success of your company is significantly affected by the work of your employees. The performance of your employees is one of the determining factors of your company’s success. If you have the hardworking and enthusiastic employees, then you need not worry about the success and triumph of your company.

Majority of the successful companies of present days have the most enthusiastic and hardworking employees who always look for the company’s success and fame. Employees of such companies contribute their maximum effort to give the best output to their clients and making clients satisfied is one of the key factors for company’s success.

Therefore, if you want the success of your company then having a handful of keen and exciting employees is necessary which asks for employee satisfaction. However, getting almost sent percent effort form your employees in your company to make it flying high in the market, depends on the role you play.

Only getting the top talent in your company does not help to make the company successful, the performance of such top talents determines the success of your company, so employee satisfaction is vital. And the performance of those employees is higher only if they are satisfied with you and your company.

This means employee satisfaction is the foremost and important thing to be achieved by any company so that they always stay on the driving seat in the list of successful companies.

Majorities of the managers of the different companies believe that employees resign their job and company due to the dissatisfaction with the company.

The employees may find themselves dissatisfied with the company for several reasons like the policy of the company, salary, extra facilities, working environment and so on. And this is unquestionably true. Employees do not quit their job; in fact, they quit the manager and company due to dissatisfaction with the manager together with the company.

Employee satisfaction should be the topmost priority of your company to safeguard your company against employee turnover problem. If you have the top talented employee with you, but he/she is not satisfied with you and your company, then you can never acquire the best performance from him/her.

Employ satisfaction determines the performance level of the employee. Hence, you should focus on satisfying your employees and should not let them go away from your hand.

If you are facing difficulties to have your employees satisfied with your company then following tips and ideas might be helpful to overcome the problem regarding employee satisfaction.
Here are the ten ideas to improve the employee satisfaction

Listen to the employees

The most important and foremost thing you need to do to satisfy your employees is to listen to them and address their opinion. You should listen to each of the employees and find out their problems, what they exactly expect from you and your company.
After you listen and sort out their problems, you should try to address them as quickly as possible so that they want to stay with you and give their best effort to the work they are assigned. Most of the managers think that employees are with them to do the job and get money, but this is not the exact truth.
Majorities of the employees want their manager or employer to listen to them and address their other problems except for salary. If you listen to your employees, then the relationship between you and your employees becomes stronger. This particularly helps to make your employee satisfied. So as a first step to make your employee satisfied, you should start to listen to your employees and respect their opinion.

The idea of surveying your employees can be one of the ideas to listen to your employees. You can make a list of the survey questions and rate the satisfaction level according to the answers given by your employees. After you do this, then you can go further to do different things to increase the satisfaction level of your employees.

Provide opportunities to grow and develop

Most of the employees do not take the job as the source of income only; they believe that doing the job of their interest helps them a lot to grow, learn and gain mastery in that particular field. If you want to help your employees to grow and learn, then you can create the atmosphere of growth in your company.

You can provide them training, organize mentorship programs, encourage your employees to take part in different seminars and conferences and so on.

You can encourage your employees to learn new skills and take risks while accomplishing the tasks. Doing such programs help to boost the confidence of your employees.

And this is the key factor to make your employee satisfied. If you do not give a chance of growth and opportunities, then your employees are likely to lose motivation and start searching new employer. So you should focus on making your employee satisfied by providing them an opportunity to learn and grow.

Communicate frequently

To communicate with each of the employees is your prime duty which you need to do frequently, consistently, and above all realistically. Frequent and authentic communication is a necessary element of employee satisfaction. Moreover, it is very necessary that your communication should be two way; much about listening and circulating.

You can use internal communication tools such as intranets, company emails, and newsletters and so on. Adopting an open door policy to gather feedback, questions, and opinions of your employees helps to ensure your employees that they are listened to, and their opinions are respected.

You can encourage your employees to communicate more and interact more with each other so that none of the employees feel bored and alone in the workspace. You can organize frequent gatherings in your office and allow your employees to celebrate a company’s success with each other.

Doing this kind of activities help increase internal communication and promote good relation among each of the staffs. Furthermore, all of these activities help to increase your employee’s satisfaction level.

Focus on employees good health and wellness

The performance of your employees is determined by the health condition of your employees. If your employees are healthy physically and mentally then you can expect better performance from your employee. Good health and wellness of employees are very necessary as poor health is detrimental to your business.

Most of the employees are found to suffer from stress-related illness such as hypertension, gastrointestinal problems, and so on. Your prime duty is to promote the good health of your employee and to do this you can encourage them to improve their overall health.

You can educate your employees on several health topics and provide different reading stuff. You can organize health-related competition within your employees and motivate them to maintain sound health condition. You can encourage your employees to take breaks and annual leave, offer gym facilities within the office and so on.

Furthermore, you can bring a sound health package that includes health insurance, information about child care, healthy habits and many more. Such initiations help to motivate your employees to remain healthy and improve employee satisfaction too.

Break up routines

Ask yourself a question – How do you feel when you work continuously for many days following the same routine?
When you work long hours then, it is obvious that you want to take the break. Same is the case for your employees. They want a break from the daily routines.

So it is your duty to arrange the break for your employees from your daily routine. You can arrange them a holiday trip, or simply allow them to enjoy holiday apart from their work. When you do such work, it helps to release the stress of the employees regarding the work and also strengthen your relationship with employees.

You also provide break time to the employees while they are in the workstation daily. Some break in between the long working hours helps to recreate the enthusiasm and interest in the work. If you focus on managing the breakup routines, then it helps to increase the satisfaction level of your employees.

Promote reward system

Reward system is another crucial factor which enhances the employee satisfaction. Employees get dissatisfied with you if they think that their efforts are not valued and recognized. When you initiate the reward system, it makes employees feel that their work and performance is recognized and valued.

This helps to encourage your employee and motivate to work hard with full effort. If you motivate your employee for big wins, it helps to spread goodwill and creates a sense of accomplishment and accountability. Also, the reward system promotes the healthy competition between the employees and encourage to do work using their skills.

You can deploy various methods to reward the employees by giving titles like the employee of the week, the employee of the month, most punctual, and so on. You can organize small program once on the ending day of the month to reward the best employee of the month. Doing these activities help every employee to give their best and ultimately increase satisfaction level.

Celebrate milestones

Employees are satisfied with their work if they feel they are appreciated and included. One way to make employees feel so is by celebrating every function of your company with all the staffs. Celebrating work anniversaries with the employees help to promote the feeling of ‘us’ rather than ‘me’.

Every employee whether they are cleaner or dishwasher is very important to you. So you never exclude a single person when you celebrate the company’s function. You can allow your employees to be frank and enjoy the party.

Also to recognize the contribution of the retired employees you can create a wall of fame or hang their picture too so that it motivates the present staff to give more commitment to their works. You can exchange gifts with your employees and many more things to make them satisfied with your company.

Encourage friendships and social connections

Emotional factor plays a vital role regarding the employee satisfaction. Employees always want to feel appreciated, cared for, supported when they are in actual need. Friendship is a strong weapon to amplify the emotional element in the workstation and boost the satisfaction.

If there is a personal connection between the colleagues, then employees sacrifice for the team and perform their work enjoying with each other. When employees get chance to work with smart, hardworking and dependable people, then they look forward coming office every day.

So you should allow and encourage your employee to do friendship so that they always remain focused on their work. You can encourage your employees to promote social connections. Make socialization not limited to office hours, but encourage socialization out of office such as volunteer programs.

This provides employees chance to develop relationships outside the office in a positive way. Community service helps to foster the social reputation of the company as well as of employee and boost the happiness of the employee to.

Give employees more control

Majorities of the employees these days have the demanding schedules outside of their work. As an employer, you should look for several ways to give employees more control over their schedules, environment, and work habits. Employees appreciate the boss who considers the work-life balance.

You should always focus on the customized work schedule which helps to improve employee satisfaction. You should encourage employees to customize their workstations. You should allow your employee to bring equipment which they require for their work.

You can ask your employees what they want to have on their workstation and according to his demand, you can add the requirements. Another way to give your employee a sense of control is to create employee driven competitions, and these activities put employees in control of their success.

Be an amazing manager

If you are the manager of your company, then you should know that you are the person who has the direct impact on employee satisfaction than anyone else even, not the CEO. Most of the employees make daily contact with their direct manager and rarely interact with CEO.

Your style and personality have a huge impact on the employee’s mood. If your style is not good, then it leads to employee dissatisfaction. Managing people requires great and serious emotional intelligence, empathy, time management skills, and communication skills.

As you never find the natural born leaders, you can learn a set of skills and can be a taught, learned, and perfected. You should also remember that employee does not quit jobs instead they quit managers. So you try to be such type of manager whose impact always motivate and influence your employees.

It is clear that the happier and satisfied employees make for a more creative, groundbreaking and affianced workplace. Organizations and company can benefit from significant long-term rewards by even implanting small changes to improve employee satisfaction.

And there is no shortage of simple, inexpensive and effective ways to ensure that your employees are satisfied. So why don’t you try above mentioned methods to improve your employee’s satisfaction and enjoy the benefits?


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