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Our content marketing services is designed to make your brand stand out. We use content to create brand awareness and generate high-quality leads. The leads are then nurtured to help them move to the next stage of buyer’s journey.

We are expert in creating custom strategy, content, publishing and distribution. Fuel your lead acquisition with results driven and engaging content marketing services. 

Guaranteed better and lower cost per lead.

Benefits of Content Marketing

There is a reason why companies invest in content marketing services. Companies using content marketing see 62% lower cost per lead compared to traditional marketing. It is a top priority for 53% of the marketers.

Advertisements are interruptive stopping people from what they are doing and enjoying, example you are watching a video on YouTube and then there is this ad being played at the beginning and in between the video how that makes you feel?

Content marketing focuses on what serving customers value by giving the information they are looking for and when they’re looking for. It is the time when people come with an open mind to interact with your brand.

Whilst, there are many benefits some of the main reasons are:

Build trust and authority

If you are creating quality content that is more focused on solving problems of your customers and less promotional, you are going to win trust. Your brand will win trust and your blog is established as a go to place for information.

Value driven content is also an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and be seen as the expert in your niche.

Generate leads

Creating content consistently improves search rankings and brings in traffic. The content we create is based on the keywords your future customers are searching for right now which means you are going to generate target traffic. 

The ultimate goal of any marketing effort is to have a positive impact on the bottom line. Content marketing services agency uses content to generate and nurture leads. 

Improve conversions

Research shows that content influences the buyer’s decisions. There is a high chance of visitors purchasing solutions from you once they’ve read your content. 

Imagine how powerful it is to be right there at the right time when someone needs a solution you are offering, it can be done only through content marketing.

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How our content marketing service process looks

Content Marketing Strategy


The effectiveness of any content marketing lies in strategy and planning. It is crucial. Our content marketing strategy phase includes:

We will review goals and based on that audit where you are currently and where you want to be.

We will work with you to create a buyer persona and if you already have one we will sit with you to evaluate the persona and see if there are opportunities for improvement.

Our content marketing team will perform a 360° audit. We will look at your current content to see if it can be repurposed or reformatted.

We will do a competitive analysis to see how your content stacks up against your top three competitors

We will identify keywords based on the funnel stage, and content gaps which are our opportunities.

We will build a content marketing editorial calendar so you can see the topics we will cover and the schedule. We will send you deliverables in advance for your approval.

We will together to create a brand voice guidelines. (Download the brand voice guidelines we have created for ourselves)

Content Creation & Optimization


Our content creation team will work with you closely to get well-versed with the product, its features, and benefits. Based on the timeline and the schedule above we will:

Create different forms of content such as blog posts, long-form content, infographics, landing pages (lead magnet), online guides and more.

Create unique content based on our keyword research and content gap analysis. It will be optimized for search engines.

It is also optimized for click-through rates by creating compelling title tags and meta descriptions.

The content is created professionally by our in-house content writing team. The content will go through multi checkings to ensure quality and consistency before we will send it for you to review.

Any request for changes will be prioritized and taken care of by our team based on the schedule to meet our deadlines.

Content Maintenance


Google loves fresh content but that is one of the reasons. Over time content becomes outdated, and outdated content may not be sufficient to satisfy readers’ needs and leave them with a bad taste. Our content maintenance service addresses that issue by:

Identify old pages with a high amount of traffic

Prioritize webpages based on the goals

Revive those pages with updated information, statistics, media files, internal and external links.

Content Promotion


Content promotion boosts brand awareness by bringing it in front of people. It rewards you with more traffic, conversions, and sales. After the content is created, approved and published our content marketing agency will focus on promoting it.

We will identify the industry influencers and create an outreach program for them to share the content online.

Create paid promotions such as social media ads, pay per click, etc.

Share it on social media platforms we have shortlisted as the ideal platform.

Promote it through email marketing

Monthly Reports


Monthly reports are a way to know if we are on our track. It is to ensure and encourage transparency. 

The content performance report is sent to you monthly

Easy to understand reports

Type of contents we create

Blog Posts

We use blog posts as a top of sales funnel also known as TOFU “Top Funnel”. We research for common questions your target audience is asking online. We create long post articles that address the pain points and answer those common questions.

Blogging will help us in:

Ranking in search engines for the keyword
Create awareness and authority at the same time
Create trust
Generate 3x more leads via blogs than through the ads

Our content team will optimize the blog post for search engines by going through our on-page optimization process.


An infographic is a visual representation of information or data on the blog post. It is a short form for information and graphics. It makes it easy for readers to digest the information.

Infographics will help us in:

Engage viewers visually
Breakdown process and topics making it comprehensible
Improve the dull look of the web page that has text only
Boost engagement
Can be used as a lead magnet

Our graphic team will work together with the content team to mine the data and create visually appealing and insightful infographics.

Ebooks & Whitepapers

Ebooks and whitepapers are an essential part of content marketing strategy. It is used in the middle and bottom-of-funnel. Ebooks and whitepapers are gated content consisting of actionable insights adding value for the visitor.

Ebooks and whitepapers helps us with:

Exchange for contact information of the visitors
Build email lists
Attract targeted lists
Position you as an industry expert

We create ebooks and whitepapers to turn visitors into leads. They have been an evergreen tactic in the content marketing strategy.

FAQs about Content Marketing Services

What is content calendar?

A content calendar is a schedule of what, how and when the content will be created and published. The dates are the deadline that the team must adhere to, ensuring the project is on the track. There are tons of benefit of content calendar:

  1. Ensures that everything is on track.
  2. Makes it easier to collaborate
  3. Gives a 360° view of content efforts
How much content do you recommend publishing each month?

We recommend one article a week of 2000 words, atleast,  if you want search engines to rank your website and have something to send to the subscribers.

However, the more article you are able to push the more keywords you would cover and rank (it is one of the factor) for the keywords sooner.

How long are the blogs you write?

Google tends to rank pages with longer content. A study suggests that among other factors articles with 1800 word articles were dominating the search result.

We write articles that are between 1500-2500 words depending on your budget and competition.

How long are the contracts for content marketing services?

We would love to give you the option of pay as you go however it would be wrong. For a content marketing campaign to be a success, the business owner and the agency should be completely invested in the goal.

Our contract is for 6 months and then if it’s a month-to-month basis. After six months you will have to give us a 30-day notice in writing if you wish to cancel at any time.

The reason why we ask for a minimum of six months are:

We do a lot of split testing for you, for us to come up with a conclusion from the test we will need time and visits to the pages which takes time. These tests are important to optimize your website for conversion and improve the ROI.

Content marketing is a long game. It may take up to 4-6 months to start seeing the benefits. It may take longer if you are in a very competitive niche.

Longer commitments are a sign of serious intention.

Are there any setup fees?

Set up fees really depends on the amount of work we will need to do upfront. For example, if your website is outdated (design, features, etc) we will need to do a redesign and that will add to your setup fees.

To make sure the digital marketing campaign is a success we will need several tools that have to be set up and customized based on your goals.

Tools will be needed for email marketing, analytics, reports and synchronization of data from various platforms so that there isn’t any valuable data ignored or hidden that can make or break the campaign.

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